Being Munfarid - Being Unique

Munfarid /moʊn[farid]/ in arabic language means unique, distinctive

Who We Are ?

At Munfarid, we believe in leading and managing change through not only groundbreaking innovation and creativity; but also through Return on Relationship. We drive strategic planning and effective workflow processes by helping you with Consultants who specialise and excel in operational improvement. We resolve complex business challenges through strategy implementation and leadership effectiveness. Our specialties include strategic talent management by driving bottom-line results.

We provide incisive learning strategies and performance solutions to Organizations catering to a wide range of industries like healthcare, technology, financial services, retail, manufacturing etc.

Integrating and aligning strategic talent management with business objectives is what differentiates us from the rest.  

What We Do ?

Fostering an innovative and collaborative approach to business development and growth, modeled for your individual business needs is what lies at the very core of Munfarid.

With a strong focus on Organizational Innovation, Ideation and Learning, we at Munfarid Consulting provide you with the expertise you need to support your business everyday. .  Munfarid comes with a wide range of competence and serves all your needs.

Our highly skilled consultants and idea incubators, who come with years of experience in various fields in L&D, Creatives and Innovation provide you with hands-on practical tools and technologies that your business needs to produce sustainable results.

Munfarid partners with you to support you from an end-to-end perspective and ensures successful closure with agility.

We have a lasting and immersive approach in providing business solutions by synergizing training, creativity and innovation which is instrumental in driving meaningful project executions at all levels.

Our Mission

Spreading the power of innovation and creativity with a pragmatic and workable strategy is the purpose of Munfarid Consulting, with presence in the Middle East through our network and physical presence in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, along with partnering companies from around the world.
Munfarid emerging from Kingdom of Bahrain, a social, cultural, financial hub of the Middle East, aims to serve this region and spread globally in the near future. Alongside, we are also committed to drive a consistent consumer experience by integrating a global operating model framework intertwined with YOUR visions and value strategy.

Our Vision

Munfarid was formed with a lofty objective; to take learning and innovation to a whole new dimension. And we do this by building the best operational process solutions and use innovation to inspire and implement solutions for your Organizational needs. Our unsurpassed services uphold the highest standards of integrity, both internally and with our Clients.

We strive to grow with immense honesty and righteousness and take it as our privilege and responsibility to give a holistic approach to creativity and knowledge.

Munfarid Consulting SPC.

Postal Addresss:
POBox : 24482, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Office Location :
Maz Business Center
Unit 2159, Building 2648, Road 5720,
Block 257, Amwaj Island, Muharraq
Tel : +973 666 566 13
Email :

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