After the industrial age, the Middle East is going through the biggest transformation brought about by technological innovation. While still in the process, this transformation has put the Middle East on the map as the most evolving region on the globe. On top is UAE, leading the innovation in the Arab World, ranking 35th globally
First presented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, the idea behind Blockchain Technology was to enable the creation of the digital currency called Bitcoin. Over the years, blockchain has developed to the point of becoming an authentic new-age technology with the potential to replace many current digital platforms and in the long run, even the conventional
Virtual Reality or VR is one of the most remarkable and fastest-growing technologies in the present day. Over time Virtual Reality has become an increasingly familiar term but for many the nature of this technology may still not be obvious. VR is a computer generated, three- dimensional environment offering a synchronized, orchestrated experience that can
Comprehensive education is the bedrock of global development. With the advent of modern media and a well-connected society, education today enables knowledge transfer from any part of the world. Today, unparalleled quality content and methods of delivering it are available. Many private and public colleges and institutes have been established to bring out excellence in