MANAMA, BAHRAIN, August 15, 2017 — Media release. Published: 16-Aug-2017 Publisher: Dr. Sana Farid   Manama, Bahrain, 15th August, 2017 – The Virtual Reality devices are projected to increase to a whopping 85% by 2020 [CCS Insight Forecast]. The trend is down to the increased interest in Education and Gaming Sector recorded in the past years.
  What’s the most gluing and addictive social media app ever? Well, not Twitter, nor Snapchat or Instagram; it’s Facebook. Have doubts? Well, you won’t after reading these statistics: Facebook has 2 billion active users as of now Around 1.66 billion people use Facebook every day on their mobile phones 1.57 people open the application
Corporates with a healthy representation of people from different communities, religions and a balance of both the genders are likely to make the best bang. A report tells that the companies with more women on board had 42% better return on sales, 53% better return on equity and 66% bigger return on the invested capital
Virtual Reality is a pedestrian term you hear of every month, however, the chances are you have underestimated how big this market is. The pace at which the Virtual Reality is making a name for itself in the commerce sector is too fast to limit into words. Gaming and education have been a key area