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Virtual Reality Developer

The VR application representative must understand and develop the virtual reality experiences by proper market research. He will incorporate the latest technologies and developments in the application configuration. The fit candidate will have to make interaction patterns in VR. He will be accountable for resolving the problems pertaining to design and improving design concepts keeping them updated. The right candidate must be experienced in C++ and communication algorithms while being proficient in Oculus platforms like Gear VR, Rift, WebVR, etc.


  • Develop original C++ Virtual Reality Applications on platforms like Unity and Unreal
  • Build product review and analysis means to track the product performance
  • Ensure the easy feasibility of mobile platforms which includes fixing the bugs
  • Record and formulate VR encounters
  • Incorporate the internal and external APIs working closely with the team

The UI/UX designer will improve the user experience in the digital space including applications and the website amid other products. He will design the interface and complete the lined up tasks. He will be responsible for designing intelligible and vibrant screen spaces. The applicant must be informed of the contemporary trends and willing to incorporate the same in our digital platforms.


  • Create an extraordinary UI for the forthcoming projects and enhance the appeal of the concurrent
  • Well-versed with the C++ and C# (see sharp) to work on Unreal and Unity, respectively
  • Work out the intricate bugs in the engine code

The 3D Max Designer will be accountable for designing Virtual Reality content for web, mobile platforms, and broadcast. He is expected to accentuate the creativity of every banner, and product working with other members of the team. His prime focus will be to create top notch designs by Munfarid to create an impeccable Virtual Reality experience. He will be working one very product right from the inception to its advertisement. The designer must be brilliant at imitating natural backgrounds to make VR application with his technological articulation. He must be well aware of creating 3D spaces. The User Experience, Engineering and Product Management teams will give feedback regarding the work.


  • Fabricate natural and immersive Virtual Reality atmosphere on screen.
  • Understand the content of the VR storyboards and create graphical impressions of the same.
  • Time to time introspection of the present graphical designs working with other designers.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the product designs sought by working closely with the PMs, engineers, researchers, and content strategists.

The Language expert should be creative to understand the exact meaning of the sentence in the source language and convert it to the target language. He must be good in understanding the language and use words that explain the best meaning. Must be good in grammar and sentence structure. He must also be good in converting human communication scripts. He must be well-versed with the technical and usual jargon associated with Virtual Reality.


  • Actively participate in formulating ideas for Munfarid's storyboards, video voiceover and content posted on different platforms
  • Ensure the conceptual maintenance of the source content
  • Verify the grammatical adeptness in a content copy
  • Translate the body without changing the core meaning without hampering the style, and tone.
  • Understand the videos and present them in target language

The media manager will mediate between the vendors and the company core committee to track the company's developments. He will formulate improve employee productivity and promote brand recognition and acceptance. They need to communicate with the external parties like the press reporters, website listers and other vendors to promote the new and existing products. He needs to formulate strategies and work upon them to maintain a good hype about the company.


  • Ensuring that the company workers are aware of the products being launched and the projects in work
  • Conduct meetings to clear the doubts of the members and keep them on the same page and boost the same through messages and presentations
  • Develop material to be used for brand promotion
  • Increase the worker productivity by organizing regular activities
  • Improve the PR strategy of the company
  • Representing the company in front of the stakeholders and vendors
  • Distribute marketing material and take steps to create positive emotion for the brand and products
  • Schedule interviews and press releases

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