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Since its inception, Munfarid has taken a human centered and design-based approach to innovation and ideation to help organizations thrive and grow. We identify areas of innovation through our design consultants. Munfarid is dedicated to inculcate a culture of change by tapping into your abilities; which is required to sustain innovation. Our Idea and Innovation Consultants follow a growth strategy approach focused on designing and creating your organization’s future. We work with a wide spectrum of clients and industry verticals to build newer and better growth ventures and develop innovation capabilities.
At Munfarid we’re constantly re-inventing learning for the 21st-century workforce.


As an organization Munfarid has always challenged the status quo that Innovation is inherently volatile; and as a result of that we have spent the last decade developing collaborative capabilities within businesses to drive innovation. We strongly believe that innovation is the sole predictable driver of sustenance for organizations. And therefore, keeping that in mind, We have developed a three-fold area of core competence which extends to how we work with our Clients.

Organizational growth is not the culmination. It is an ongoing systematic capability and a process of planned change. It requires a continuous assessment of external as well as internal environment of the organization and requires revisiting the organization’s mission statement, its vision and niche. Munfarid’s approach to innovation is based on a unique philosophy of incredible team dynamics, and a relentless process deploying deductive and analytical reasoning coupled with a creative and inductive approach which allows room for strategic thinking to unlock newer and better opportunities.

With new age entrepreneurship on the rise, the usefulness and predictability of successful business models cannot be underestimated. The new-age entrepreneurs are driven by a powerful and relentless force that counter-balances their challenger instincts. They demonstrate their commitment to outcomes with active participation in the process of innovation.

At Munfarid, we harness this entrepreneurial approach through a performance-based compensation model which aligns our risks and rewards to that of our clients. We apply a wide range of innovative practices aimed at improvising business model designs for our clients.

We believe that innovation is a discipline - One which comes with a unique learning skill set. It is the combined capability to iteratively capture and simultaneously share insights through lessons learnt and the experiences gathered over a period of time.

Munfarid is committed to attract, train and develop the brightest minds in the industry; who assist us in building foundational agreements in world class innovation. We do this through our proprietary hiring and staffing models that we adopt for ourselves - a culture of brainstorming and debate ensuring the highest order of innovation platform and curriculum.

Minds matter because an innovation process is only as powerful as the people driving it.

i2 Solutions

Inclusive Business Transformation engaging employees in the innovation cycle

The difference between success and failure in business could be just one idea. There is really only one primary reason to implement any innovative solution to keep ahead of the competition. Idea Management Software can bring valuable benefits:

  • New competitive products and services
  • Process improvements
  • Improved collaboration and decision making across teams
  • Competitive advantage
  • Identify hidden talent and new areas of growth
  • Enhanced Brand Value and Brand Loyalty


Our Insights Practice Model helps clients answer critical questions like - ‘How do I drive innovation & competitive advantage?’ or ‘ How do I channelize our resources to prioritize our innovation?’ We provide you with the know-how to use your positioning to your competitive advantage by uncovering white spaces. We help you grapple with odds; thus improving the likelihood of intrapreneurial success.

Our Ideas Practice Model helps you tap unmet and unarticulated areas within the organization to create innovation opportunities. We help our clients to look at the Business landscape with new lenses. We identify unique attributes, uncover new openings and enable our clients to map incremental innovation in products and services.

With our Impact Practice Model, we help our Clients answer mission critical questions like - ‘ How do i prioritize bets and measure potential results to accelerate innovation?’ We enable our clients to map the upstream and downstream processes in innovation, develop appropriate metrics and ensure proper portfolio management and execution.

As the name suggests, the Integrate Practice Model by Munfarid desegregates system design and support by enabling companies to address new opportunities or threats and gauge how effectively they can respond to these opportunities from a process and structural perspective. For a company to sustain its relevance over a period of time, it must acknowledge the shifting market conditions intelligently.

i2c - Idea & Innovation Cloud

Cloud based Innovation Management Software

Munfarid’s comprehensive enterprise software model encompasses the entire innovation lifecycle, and has the capability to support thousands of users worldwide. Our i2c (Idea and Innovation Cloud) is an online software platform for innovation management. It not only contributes to enhance and achieve business growth; but also aims to maximize employee engagement on idea contribution by making sustainable innovation an integral part of your corporate culture.


There has been an increasing trend in digital data volumes every five years across industries. Munfarid’s innovation analytics is the industry’s most robust and integrated range of enterprise-class analytics solutions which has been successful in connecting performance metrics with operational plans and empower organizations to embed analytics in the core of their business processes.

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