Learn and Development

Munfarid helps organizations by leveraging world class research and aligning it to your business objectives through its learning and development programs. Our consulting practice focuses on developing and delivering flexible learning roadmaps and strategies required for your effective operations.

Key Instructional Design

Our Instructional Design Consultants work closely with your department managers to make sure that they have the required opportunities to practise what they are learning. We develop objectives and simultaneously ensure that your content matches with your ultimate business objectives. Our subject matter experts are well versed with a most recent educational technology that are used to deliver robust learning experiences.


Technology Aided Learning

The learning technologies developed and adopted by Munfarid emphasises on interaction and knowledge with maximal engagement and instructional design expertise.

Our Consultants constantly monitor the latest trends in training technology and develops high-impact, engaging and competitive modules that aligns itself to your business needs and reflects your brand identity. Our technology wizards are familiar with the latest Learning Management Systems and how they integrate in your overall enterprise workflows.

Our state-of-the-art Learning and Development Programs are aimed to ensure that your skills are retained and invoked to have an actual impact on your performance.

Training Delivery

We believe that the best solutions to your Organizational roadblocks lie in your People. We at Munfarid excel at re-calibrating and leveraging that resource to use it to your advantage.

Organizations are becoming  increasingly complex and heterogeneous. That’s why we offer every client a constitutive and personalized blend of content, technology, and service 
that’s mapped to meet their exact Organizational objectives. Our robust training modules beautifully amalgamate design, readiness assessment and training objectives. When every byte 
of your learning program is melded with the same objectives, 
that’s when the magic unfolds!

Organizational Development

We at Munfarid Consulting Engage Teams, Empower Leaders and reinforce Organizations

We partner with you to redefine your vision and map your success to your goals through our strong team of Organizational Development Consultants and Practitioners. Our Consultants bridge organization design and performance and deliver global scalable growth strategies. We are committed to drive a consistent consumer experience by integrating a framework of global operating model in your Visions and Value strategy.

We learn about your Organization’s culture- its strengths and challenges and customize our Organizational Development programs accordingly. Our partnerships across industries have forged high-quality and engaging programs with a positive response to market changes.

Comprehensive Analytics

With a deep-seated knowledge of learning metrics, our Learning Analytics Consultants understand your broader strategic objectives and aligns your manpower resources accordingly. Our highly adaptive learning analytics platform empowers and enables organizations to develop, establish and manage learning experiences and create an engaging workforce through meticulous data collection, research and analysis.

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